Massage Therapy is becoming increasingly recognized and researched for its health benefits and not just as a luxury. Massage provides relief to people of all ages and addresses a variety of health conditions.

Massage can reduce stress, promote self awareness, increase circulation, increase joint range and flexibility, reduce muscle tightness and tension, release endorphins, and provide relief from aches and pains. It is a noninvasive, drug free, humanistic approach based on the body’s ability to heal itself and a way to balance the mind and body.

It is my desire to utilize Massage therapy work and to leverage my Physical Therapy and Personal training knowledge to help clients achieve physical and mental balance.

It is my hope that after a client leaves my office, not only do their muscles feel better and rejuvenated, but their mind is also more at peace.

Budgeting time and money for massage therapy is an investment in your health.


Rayna takes the time to really understand what you’re doing day in and day out with your body. Her credentials speak for themselves, but beyond that she is one of the most caring individuals you’ll ever meet


Here are just a few of the benefits of massage

7. Greater Energy

8. Increased Circulation

9. Improved Concentration

10. Decreases Blood Pressure

11. Increased Body Awareness

12. Calms the Nervous System

1. Reduced Stress

2. Decreased Muscle Tension

3. Enhanced Sleep Quality

4. Decreased Pain

5. Improved Posture

6. Decreased Anxiety


Rayna is an athlete and completely understands the demands of endurance sports.